Critics – Review: The Stolen House

Kailash Amesur has weaved a pure literary magic in his novel and he has driven the ideas’ home perfectly. I won’t comment more on the  storyline of the novel because almost every other reviewer, seniors and juniors, have done the same – also provided the basic storyline of the novel, and therefore, I won’t be doing that again. I would rather love to have my opinions conveyed. 

The title is ‘The Stolen House’ and you must think it’d be some kind of thriller, suspense or something which will blow your mind …. But I should tell you, you are absolutely right! The book offers you a pleasant read and you can read it in just one or two sittings. You will also find a lot of adventure in the novel. Especially, the youths who want to read the novels with a lot of detective impetus will surely love the book!

The novel starts with the introduction of two main characters. First, inspector Milind, who is one of the most reputed police officers in the city who has solved many critical cases, and another main character is Mr. Roy, the most famous and reputed criminal lawyer of the city. With a huge list of successful stories behind him, he soon became a celebrity and was always seen in the headlines.

Coming to the story, it was surprising but true that the house of Mr. Roy was stolen, and for this, he complaints to inspector Milind. He takes it funny and he could not believe this complaint. But soon, he gets to know that the house was actually stolen and he was in a deep shock. Milind had no options to get rid of the situation. The bungalow was not a piece of jewellery or a mobile phone to be easily stolen. No, impossible. How can it be stolen?


Critics – Review: Men on DV

  • A Master piece written by Kailash which narrates the hidden reality which majority of us are scared to speak. The way he touched the topic on DV gives a whole new array of light to many who can voice their fight towards equality & freedom of expression. Overall 5* to this Author who believes in the power of transformation and change (Arunabha Bhattacharjee,ChE® Doctorate In Management Studies
TEDx Speaker, Recipient of National Youth Icon, Recipient of Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Award, Founder ASK ARUN Global Movement)
  • Remarkable Chronicles of the Vehement fight against Gender Biased Laws (Shonee Kapoor Men’s Rights Activist)

Recent Reviews

5.0 rating
November 25, 2020

I have read the authors previous books but this is just next level. Super story and Great Writer. Must Read for all!!!

5.0 rating
November 25, 2020

Domestic Violence for Women was something familiar as the law completely favor the women. The authors take on the hardships of what men have to go through and their suffering is explicitly discussed in the book. Great Book!

5.0 rating
November 25, 2020

Excellent!!! Couldn’t remember the last time when I was so engrossed reading a book. The author has tried to make a story from a topic which is most dreaded especially by husbands around the globe. Kudos Kailash Amesur for such a wonderful book

5.0 rating
November 21, 2020

Great Book Sir

Arslan Manzoor