MEN ON DV(domestic violence)
The other side of story

Our country we believe doing everything in a very dramatic way, we start relations and end them dramatic ally unlike other countries where people are very open to talk and resolve issues amicably, They kept it simple open up and discuss on issues one to one we are still shy to talk and be open but we prefer to create a drama. Every couple fights and that’s normal , in ancient times when couple fights went beyond control elders would pitch in and try to make a compromise creating a win -win situation ,both families would try to resolve issue on common goal they stay together . But time has changed now in this 21st century we don’t want any experienced elders to be part of it it’s a personal matter and we don’t want anyone to interfere yes it’s pretty personal we can’t discuss it with elders but we can post on social media

Thanks to ongoing feminist standpoint where the marriage issues are taken to different level altogether , She would lodge a police complaint against husband ,  A very popular and easy tool to get rid of their husband without even thinking the impact and trauma he would go through for all his life but its all about teaching a life lesson

No matter how good he has been all his life, it doesn’t matter he haven’t raised his voice till the last fight, whatever scarifies he has done to be with family but what matter is to satisfy ego

In India and elsewhere in the world, there are no special laws for male. There is Dowry Prohibition Act, Section 498A in Indian Penal Code i.e. offence of cruelty by husband and relatives of husband; section 125 in Code of Criminal Procedure i.e. maintenance for wife; protection of women from domestic violence, in Statute books. But there is no protection of men in Domestic Violence Act, 2005, there is no provision like Section 498B in Indian Penal Code, there is no provision like Section 125A in Code of Criminal Procedure i.e. maintenance to husbands under the Act. Rather the specific laws for women are misused by errant women and police officers. The cry of victimized husbands and their relatives is not heard either in courts or in society. The practice says that real purpose of the women – related specifies laws are misused and thereby husbands suffer for no fault.7

Cruelty against husband

The issue of women’s rights and family law reform has been increasingly entangled within the polemics of politics and minority rights. It is true that the hardships and the sufferings experienced by woman of all communities, minorities as well as majority, cannot be overlooked with the help of persuasive or effective freedom of religion. The life on an average Hindu woman has always
been difficult and pitiable due to existing social customs practices of time. But today the laws are such that a woman can easily misuse it for her purpose and benefits Although women protective laws have been justified with respect to status of women in olden times, but as we all know the world has changed and so on the behavior of women. Those women who are used to be subjected to housetaker now are taking steps ahead along with men. The law on the other hand has not changed proportionately. The society has progressed to such an extent that criminality amongst women have achieved a higher stand in society and certainly have become influential but with respect to law is still where it was in olden times. The repeatedly misuse of legal protection can lead to new legal terrorism. So there is need to change law relating to women. It is not fair to pre-establish that domestic violence happens to wife only

While making special laws for women, the legislators must think of victimized sect of the society in male line also. Laws like, Indian Penal Code section 498-A and Domestic Violence Act, 2005 have number of provisions to intimidate men and their families. The effect of these laws is unjustified power in the hands of women for blackmail and extortion in domestic disputes which irreparably damages the life of husbands and their relatives and sometimes also becomes the reasons for their death

Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005

The concept of protection of women against cruelties and tortures have brought, us to a situation where all protective legislation are being enacted for the benefit and protection of women only and the male persons and more particularly male spouse are left at lurch and at the mercy of the women who can use and misuse the legislation’s to suit their objects and ends. This is of course is not a generalisation but from time to time such situations do occur


Misuse of Legal Protection by Women

  • Many lawyers, in lieu of getting commission on the money received by women by misusing this provision, encourage complaints to exaggerate the amount due to them . It causing disgrace to profession of advocates
  • Many husbands or their old parents commit suicide due to the harassment by women in such false cases.
  • Mothers, in order to take revenge on the husband, do not allow fathers to see the child. It has ill impact on the physical and mental development of the child.


In the latest supreme court judgement Brother-in-law also can be ordered to pay alimony under Domestic violence law act . So in the rat race cat is going to follow the rat in grave and ensure there is no peace there . No offend to the judgement i am trying to understand where the law is heading towards . In recent survey judges has agreed 75% of these cases were withdrawn ,They stated that Indian women were filing inaccurate claims of domestic violence , Sudden drive of women empowerment has taken it to a different level where law is used as a weapon against men.


I remember 10 years back a girl would think  for numerous time before leaving her marital home . she would deeply analysis situation and think before taking any drastic step  but today a women will not even think before filling any such fake case to harass men .The law was made to protect women against men who thought they rule the world . power of women empowerment is good but aren’t we paying a big cost for it .To much of good becomes evil at times and that’s exactly it is happening , today it has become very easy for any girl to file a police complaint and make someones life hell . it is the same person she has been staying for years , she has been dreaming to be with her till last breath but on a small fight she walks out of house without even thinking about family and kids , the empowerment ego has grown so much evil in her that she wouldn’t listen to her own conscience . she would drag kids out of house and leave . The next advisory she gets from lawyer is to file a domestic violence case so she can keep her life running without staying with her husband with the alimony . she is addressed as victim instead of mutual compromise she is showed a way which will lands to freedom on cost of happy family she herself built over the years .


All her marital life she might have scarified so many times to keep the family intact and suddenly she will be the ruin the entire family . The situation doesn’t change between a couple it changes between a family a small kid who loved both and want to stay with them but thanks to the advisory of women empowerment the childhood is ruined after filling a case the next weapon will be the kid who will not be allowed to meet the father and grand parents unless he agrees to get divorced and pay hefty alimony . Just few days back before that small fight the life would revolve around that kid she would do everything to keep him/her happy but today she will not even think before using him as tool for freedom .


Using your own kid as a tool to satisfy ego , Making a fake complaint against a person who ensured to be with you all the time , who dedicated his life keeping you happy . Harassing his family member to secure some money for future and how long that money going to last .


After the infamous 2012 gang rape of a student on a bus in Delhi, the number of rape cases reported to police in India rose sharply. But one survey concluded that in Delhi, in 2013-14, more than half of these reports were “false” – fuelling claims by male activists that women are alleging rape in order to extort money from men.


Two women allegedly involved in an online escort service were nabbed on Friday while collecting extortion money from three employees of city-based companies. One of the women had filed a gang-rape case against the trio and started blackmailing them but later records of threat on phone and approached the police .


The law which was started to save women has become biggest destroyer of mankind , This has to be stopped somewhere before its too late .

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