MEN ON DV (domestic violence) The other side of story

Our country we believe doing everything in a very dramatic way, we start relations and end them dramatic ally unlike other countries where people are very open to talk and resolve issues amicably, They kept it simple open up and discuss on issues one to one we are still shy to talk and be open but we prefer to create a drama.

Every couple fights and that’s normal , in ancient times when couple fights went beyond control elders would pitch in and try to make a compromise creating a win -win situation ,both families would try to resolve issue on common goal they stay together .

But time has changed now in this 21st century we don’t want any experienced elders to be part of it it’s a personal matter and we don’t want anyone to interfere yes it’s pretty personal we can’t discuss it with elders but we can post on social media

Thanks to ongoing feminist standpoint where the marriage issues are taken to different level altogether , She would lodge a police complaint against husband ,  A very popular and easy tool to get rid of their husband without even thinking the impact and trauma he would go through for all his life but its all about teaching a life lesson

No matter how good he has been all his life, it doesn’t matter he haven’t raised his voice till the last fight, whatever scarifies he has done to be with family but what matter is to satisfy ego

In India and elsewhere in the world, there are no special laws for male. There is Dowry Prohibition Act, Section 498A in Indian Penal Code i.e. offence of cruelty by husband and relatives of husband; section 125 in Code of Criminal Procedure i.e. maintenance for wife; protection of women from domestic violence, in Statute books. But there is no protection of men in Domestic Violence Act, 2005, there is no provision like Section 498B in Indian Penal Code, there is no provision like Section 125A in Code of Criminal Procedure i.e. maintenance to husbands under the Act. Rather the specific laws for women are misused by errant women and police officers. The cry of victimised husbands and their relatives is not heard either in courts or in society. The practice says that real purpose of the women – related specifies laws are misused and thereby husbands suffer for no fault.7

Cruelty against husband

There is increase in number of marriages every day, at the same time breakdown of marriages in the society has also been seen to be increasing whether by fault of husband or wife. Though cases filed by wife against husband and in-laws under Protection from Domestic Violence Act and 498-A of Indian Penal Code to claim maintenance and divorce but all complaints are not filed bona-fidely. Freedoms of education, job opportunities, economic independence
and social attitude have brought tremendous change in the status of women. The
balance of scale has tilted reversely in favour of women

Legal Provisions Relating to Women and their Misuse

The objects with which these provisions were added in the statue books were noble one. But these provisions have been misused over the years by the unscrupulous litigants to serve their oblique motives. It was noticed during the survey that there are some misguided elements amongst women who misuse the law to reap the vengeance and harass the poor husband. According to a lady
Magistrate Prabha Tak, who has lot of experience of cases of dowry deaths, young girl marry with lots of aspirations based on movies and films. Their expectations are totally unrealistic. They are away from the mundane realities of life, this leads to tensions and frustrations when realities down their marriages.
The new culture of not teaching the girls any household makes their life miserable when they have to involve in these jobs. They have not learnt cooking, naturally their cloth will catch fire if they  are not careful. Similar are views of DCP Crime (women cell) and many of them who were interviewed. Most of the cases of dowry harassment are actually cases of marital maladjustment. The wife
commits suicide out of the frustration of work or because of her inability to make adjustments and the poor husbands and his family have to take the blame for the acts of his over sentimental wife. The girl’s parents by blaming the in-laws for demanding more dowry or perpetrating atrocities, actually  cover up their own responsibility of not bringing up their daughter properly. In most of the cases the fault could be appropriated to both, the husband as well as wife. It was the mental blocks and lack of desire to adjust with each other

Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 was enforced to protect the women from harassment ranging from physical beating, emotional torture, and sexual abuse, denial of basic amenities, verbal insults of calling of names, maligning characters and other offences but no attention was given by the law-makers to the fact that males can also be subject to such offences in hand of women in certain circumstances and as such the time has now come for rethinking of the matter of protection of males from the hands of women as well. Some of provisions of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 are so biased in favour of women, which are misusing by them mostly. Under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 the aggrieved party is always “any woman”. Man does not come within the purview of such definition. Aggrieved under the Act is only for women. Even the preamble speaks for “rights of woman.” The protection officers and counselors under the rules should preferably be a woman. The “respondent” under the
definition means any “adult male person”, which means a complaint can not be directed against the female. Is it not discriminatory? Where is law for the protection of husbands? The whole scheme of the act and the rules made there under appear to be absolutely one–sided.

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