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Men on DV(Domestic Violence) Coming soon The other side of the story

There are more than 49 sections as per Indian Law where in a case can be registered without investigation , and it takes years to get a verdict in the courtroom , by the time the man if innocent has already lost his dignity , family and career . The book takes you on a journey of hitherto untold truths behind the drama when such fake cases are filed, about how the Law which was made to safeguard all behaves like a jealous mistress. Women protective laws were made to safeguard the women from age-old oppression , but these laws were made when women were mere house dwellers confined to the four walls of their homes and unable to voice their plights , but as times changed the modern  woman of today has achieved equal if not a superior status with the men in their lives  , their abilities and responses have also developed multifold . But the law hasn’t imbibed this change in scenario where the hunted can also become the hunter , and this provides the perfect hotbed for a premeditated conspiracy to exact revenge on a spouse and also to render irrevocable damage to his survival and financial security , the author has given voice to the muted stories which never caught attention in the social dogma that domestic violence is all about women at the hands of men , there has to be a shift , Law has to be inclusive and it’s high time that we acknowledge the need to rethink and amend it accordingly  so that it wouldn’t be misused,  or the very Law that protects shall become the noose around the necks of the unassuming   Innocents    

The Stolen House

Truth Is stranger Than fiction

Milind is no hero, he’s a maverick cop whose relentless pursuit of truth has earned him some dangerous enemies but when he is about to get promoted he comes across the most mysterious case of his life “The Stolen House.” An atypical small town in Goa is famous about 2 things clean beaches and criminal lawyer Roy

Roy has fought more than 100 criminal cases and won all of them, winning has become his hobby now. A suspense conflict between a maverick cop and insolent lawyer… Every page of this novel will open the door for new suspense, get ready to read the best suspense novel of the year

After You leave your last job

This book is a for starters who want to leave their job and start business it gives a clear idea as what needs to be done and how , it also gives a gist of things which a entrepreneur may face while starting up a new venture